Documentary: "With a little help from my friends"

From the script to the post-production and final release, I put a bit of my soul into this project, sharing the experiences of an international student in her way to make friends and restart her career in a foreign country.

Content Writing
Matrix Internet

Content Writing

A series of blog posts I’ve wrote, revamped or edited to Matrix Internet, keeping the site up to date with relevant information to their clients.

Articles about music and culture I wrote to the Brazilian Music Website “I Have More Records Than Friends” (available in Portuguese)

Film Poster

Imagining a biographical movie in an hypothetical reality. I used my own original photograph taken in a concert back 2014, Adobe Photoshop and colouring effects.

Podcast - Discovering music online!

A fun interview with my friend and inspirational guru Tony Aiex about the ways people find out new music. We also talked about the importance of music blogs and websites to help them in that path.