Seven Vegan Influencers you should follow

Whenever I feel like changing something in my life, I try to find people that could inspire me on that particular change. I believe most people do the same: when learning a new language, you can register on a language course while following people on social media to help you out with new words, expressions and sentences. It’s a way to keep your mind always in contact with it as well.

I have the same approach to Veganism: when I decided to shift from a Vegetarian diet to a Vegan lifestyle, I was lucky enough to have a good number of friends around me who have done the same or were in a similar pathway. But I also looked online to see if I could find other people who would provide tips, talk about the challenges, share recipes, and even recommend places to eat or order food. Here is a list of my favourite ones and why they’re special.

1 – Veghuns: I thank these three gals every day for the amount of fantastic vegan-friendly stuff I discovered in Dublin (and in Ireland) and for the wonderful content they share in their account. Evelyn, Linda and Kate had made my transition to Veganism way easier with their fun, easy and straightforward tips, genuine care about the city, the country and the world we’re living and their super fun and informative videos. They are one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow.

2 – Greta Thunberg: don’t you follow her yet? How dare you! If you haven’t heard of her, we have a bigger problem now. She’s a climate and environmental activist who created the #ClimateStrike two years ago. Since then, she has fought to bring climate change to the conversation and get more people conscious of what it’s possible to do right now to give us a chance in the future. She’s also extraordinarily sarcastic and funny when it’s needed.

3 – Earthling Ed: A British vegan activist, Ed Winters is known for supporting animal rights. He was the first animal rights activist, I started to follow, and ever since them, and I learned a lot from him. He is on Instagram, has an impressive YouTube channel, a brilliant podcast and his website is full of information about veganism and animal rights. He’s also one of the minds behind the Unity Diner in London and the Surge Sanctuary. In other words, he’s a fucking icon, give the man a follow!

4 – Evanna Lynch: This is a perfect case of when your idols turn to be people that inspire you. The Irish actress is part of my life ever since her first appearance as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter franchise – she was already one of my favourites from the books. Learning more about the person behind the character, I found out about Veganism, her activism, her love for cats, her love for chickpeas and the Chickpeeps podcast and beauty box brand (Kinder Beauty Box). Doesn’t that all sound very Ravenclaw to you? I’d add a spoon or two of Hufflepuff there, but seriously, so many reasons to follow her.

5 – Calum a.k.a Blitz: One of my coolest discoveries from the TikTok universe was this guy. He can make absolutely everything in an incredible vegan version, full of variety and flavour and all in 20 minutes or less. Cooking made fun and easy for both cooking specialists and people that can’t make scrambled tofu without ruining everything. His website has most of the recipes and videos, but it’s also possible to follow him on Instagram and YouTube if TikTok is not your vibe.

6 – Courtney Act: This is a funny one. I fall in love with Courtney Act because of her incredible performance at Ru Paul’s Drag Race (Season 6, or ABC – Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio and Courtney Act). I only found out she’s vegan quite recently, from her lockdown videos and again, a different reason to stan! On her profile, she shares a bit of the backstage of her drag life, makeup and skincare tips and the good ol’ recipes, so it’s more or less what a regular influencer would offer, with the kicker that she’s an incredible drag queen, which makes it all way better! She’s not the only vegan drag queen out there: Peta has published this article with some other incredible vegans that are also fantastic drag queens, like Lady Bunny, Sharon Needles and others.

7 – Veganuary: seriously, they are not “a single person” to be in a list of influencers, but I feel like it’s worth to mention it. Veganuary is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to help people switch to a vegan lifestyle from January and beyond. With profiles on most social media channels (TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedInYouTube and even TikTok), they’re expanding their reach. I recently found out they now have a Brazilian Instagram account.

I hope this list has inspired you to go and take a look at your favourite artists and public personas. They might have recently given you more reasons to be proud of them. I’m nowhere near to be as inspiring as these people, but if you feel that you need to ask me anything about veganism, just drop me a line. I’ll be happy to help!