Five incredible vegan-friendly places in Dublin

I’ve been living in Dublin for almost three years (I know, what a beautiful journey!) and I feel like home here. During my transition to Veganism, I found several places where I can go to have a meal, shops to buy food locally and support small business, restaurants and pubs which serve vegan meals and much more. Now that businesses are reopening, and most restaurants already have delivery options in place, is my time to say thanks and to share. See below a list of my five favourite vegan-friendly places in town.

1) Small Changes: I feel like every time I talk about them, there’s a new world full of possibilities opened in front of whoever is listening to me. Small Changes is a shop where you can exercise small changes in your consumption behaviour, one at the time. They offer a great variety of organic and fair trade goods, eco-friendly soaps, shampoo, washing up liquid and general household items, a lot of zero waste options and a refreshing juice bar.

You can also buy from several Irish businesses and even exchange items that you grew in your garden for shop credits. The staff is always super helpful and welcoming, and as an immigrant, I never felt so at home as I did since the first time I went there to get some veggies. I can also happily say that most of my friends found out about them because of me and that 60% of my household shop is made entirely on this small piece of heaven, in Drumcondra!


2) The Saucy Cow: I don’t know about you, but there are days in the week we only need a big, creamy, juicy burger with everything you can on top. The Saucy Cow answers to it with yes, it’s possible, is tasty as f*** and it’s vegan! For all your carb cravings, they have it!

My favourites? The Hopi Papi, The McDaddy Fries and the Beyond Burger Fries.

3) Shouk: I think this was the first vegan-friendly restaurant I visited in Dublin, and it’s one of my favourites until today for a reason. And that reason is called Roasted Cauliflower.

First time I went there, 70% of the menu was vegan (if not more). They have passed to some changes ever since. However, they still cater to vegans and vegetarians in most of their meals, with the possibility of getting a vegan and/or a gluten-free version of absolutely everything.

Ok, they have a lot of other delicious meals, but have you tried that cauliflower?

4) Take A Veg: I don’t think I was ready to this, but here it goes: it’s a Venezuelan vegan restaurant and take away service in the heart of Dublin, that will surprise you with their flavours and the love they put in every single meal. I’m a big fan of the Pepito Sub, the Buffalo Sandwich and they used to do desserts as weekly specials. The picture below is from a tart I get there it was literally my favourite thing that month! If you ever get back doing this, guys, just let me know!

One more cool thing about them? Well, they were the first restaurant I know accepting reusable containers from people getting takeaways. They actually offer you a discount if you use your own container while shopping with them. Next time your mom says that you should eat your vegetables, well, just take a veg and be happy!

5) The Carrots Tail: every time a non-vegan say that vegans must miss a lot of foods, show them this place menu. I mean, they serve vegan-eggs. Zalmon. VLT. Chikon. Pancakes. What’s missing? Yes, you’re right, there’s nothing. I still haven’t visited enough to have a lot of favourites from the menu, but Paddy’s Breakfast and the garlic chips have a special place in my heart!

I’m sure this post will have a second and even a third part, so, I know that there are loads of places missing. What are your favourites in the list? What are the ones I haven’t mentioned? Leave your comments!