Five tips for mastering Twitter

You know what? I think Twitter is one of my favourite Social Media platforms.

That said, I understand that creating a presence in all Social Media platforms is a challenge that most people are not willing to take. And, well, with the number of options we have there, it’s also a big job to be ready for all platforms altogether, right?

So, if you choose to improve your presence on Twitter and want to learn more about it, follow my five tips below and find the recipe for your success.

1 – Follow #TrendingTopics: this might sound like something that you’ve heard before, but I can guarantee that’s the best way to make your Twitter presence better. Twitter allows you to personalise the Trending Topics to follow what’s happening in your city, in your state or country or even to follow specific topics that might be trending around you. The network also creates a daily list with topics like “News”, “Sports”, “Fun”, and includes a “For You” list, based on the subjects you showed interest before. You have no excuses not to use it.

2 – Create Lists: Twitter Lists are a great way to organise more specific content on your account. Let’s say you’re following a series of artists to learn about the developments of a creative event. You can create a list with all their accounts, and navigate that list to see only tweets from the people you’ve added to it. An extra advantage: you don’t need to follow the people you add to your lists. That can be very handy to journalists that need to know what a particular personality is talking about, without follow it or giving the impression it’s one of its supporters.

3 – Post daily: this is more a reminder than a tip, but when you keep an active presence on a network, you both help your image to get more knowledgeable around that platform, but you also give the platform the right tools to help you. At this point, you must know that if you’re using a free service, you are the product. Benefit from this by giving Twitter the most information about your preferences (taking care of your privacy, of course!) and Twitter will pay you back booting your account and making you more relevant in your industry.

4 – Use hashtags: if you’re from my generation, you’ve probably seen the little wales on Twitter, when things crashed, or something was wrong. That also means you’ll remember they were the first social network to introduce the use of hashtags. Until this very day, they are the platform who administrate better its feature, indexing hashtags to their mechanism, which help users finding content and improve the search results. That doesn’t mean that you need to put hashtags in every single word of your tweet or include them on all your tweets. Use them wisely: one or two trending hashtags when you’re sharing content about a trending topic or when you can easily find your pals writing about the same subject.

Twitter image - fail / whale
On Twitter before it was cool: the birds carrying on the whale,
a sign that things weren’t alright.

5 – Tweet during live events: Twitter is famous for its ability to be the favourite second screen of its users and for a reason. You can follow events while they are happening and share reactions, comments and images, participating in conversations with brands, associations and celebrities. Here, be smart: tweet about topics you’re familiar with or that are related to your business. So, if you are in the IT sector, it makes a lot of sense to tweet about Apple’s Spring event or the launch of a new iPhone. However, if you’re in the fashion industry, you can’t miss the chance of talking about Fashion Week in your city/country.

Hope you have a lot of insights from the content above and that it can help you develop a strategy for your Social Media channels. If ever in doubt, send me a message, and I can assist you.