🎶 Mas não existe megabyte / Pra uma vontade / e a gente nunca quer nada fácil… 🎶

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That’s the first time that I use a Portuguese lyric as a title for this blog, and it’s also the very first time in when I’ll not talk about Web Authoring itself, but about our Masters, in general.


Yesterday, after we finished our documentaries presentations on the lab, I remembered this song: it’s “Marginal Tietê”, from Skank, my favourite Brazilian band (yeah, if you’re not Brazilian, this name also have another meaning, but they doesn’t have that intention, I swear). On direct translation, this specific part of the lyric means that “It doesn’t exist any measure (megabytes) to a desire (or something that you really want) / and we never want anything easy”.


For me, this represents a fact: if something comes effortlessly, it loses the importance, it doesn’t have the same meaning, it’s not that good. When we suffer, when we have to fight for it, put a lot of effort and work hard, then it worth it.


Finishing our assignments during this semester, delivering some of them and still working in others, and my overall experience with this masters until now, it’s the most difficult and challenging thing that I did in my entire life. Every day I woke up with a different thing to do, to learn, to think, to write, a new tutorial to watch, a new schedule to do something, or a book to read, an influencer to follow, a blog post to read… all of this together with the experience of living in another country, speaking another language all the time and find a new house, a job, some friends, a new life. It’s hard, but, as I said before, I would be disappointed if it was easy.


I’m here, ready to get more.

But for now, let us have some days to rest…


(And developing our websites!)

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