Helvetica everywhere!

Originally published at: Rakky Visual Communication Blog

Do you guys remember that Hurricane Holiday?

Yeah, back in that Monday, I followed Tara’s recommendation and watched Helvetica, the movie (such a nerd, I know!). Since then, by the way, I’m the Helvetica personification of this gif:

  • I see Helvetica.
  • How often do you see them?
  • All the time!

And I mean it:

(This is Arial, my mistake!)

Helvetica, the documentary, tells the story of Helvetica, the font that can express everything, the most famous typeface in the world, and how it becomes so popular and so meaningful. And seriously, after watching it, it’s impossible not to see Helvetica. I also started to use Helvetica in all of my assignments cause, OMG, it’s an amazingly simple beautiful font!

To summarise, it’s an exciting movie. Watch it!