Do not cycle against the wind

I have a bike and her name is Linda.

Linda, the bike.

First of all, what kind of person names a bike? A real name, not a puppy one or anything like that. Well, I consider myself that kind of person, whatever that means. All my precious belongings have names. Linda is one of them. She has not only a name but also a personality.

That said, some days ago I went on a ride with Linda around Dublin to try to put my ideas and my mind in order. While cycling, I noticed that I wasn’t going anywhere specifically — my goal was to chill, reflect, maybe have some ideas, so, I cycled without a destination, observing the trees, the pathways, people on the streets, nature, all the beautiful things that the city has to offer.On a particular part of my way, I noticed that the ride had become more difficult. My pace was slowing down. I was breathing heavily and making an extra effort to keep going in the same direction. When I stopped to catch my breath, I realized it was the wind. I was cycling against it, while it pushed me in the opposite direction.

Thinking about it: I had chosen that way, I was ready, I had all the equipment to do that workout, and I knew how to do it (that wasn’t my first time cycling in Dublin. Just saying.). But I was also free from obligations: I had no place to or appointments to attend. There wasn’t anything other than my will pushing that way, against the wind. The same feeling made me change directions allowing the wind to take me to wherever direction it wanted.

And then the path went back to its natural flow. I was again easily cycling at the right pace, and I even discovered new places around the city. The hard way was behind me, it had given me some beautiful memories, but I wasn’t there any longer. I was following the wind, allowing it to guide me in a new direction.

Such experience made me think: what are the things that you do naturally? The ones that are so intrinsically part of you in the sense that you no effort is needed for you to do them? What are the things that are so genuine in your spirit that are like playing a game or doing something enjoyable? The things you do just because.

Those are the things on which you should focus your efforts throughout life. It’s like cycling: as soon as you’ve learned how to ride a bike, you never forget it. It is as natural as your ability to follow your heart when you allow yourself to listen to it: maybe on your way to find your dream career, become a better person, develop a new ability or even find a soulmate.

Every time that you find yourself cycling against the wind, rethink. Why are you doing that? Do you have any other choice? If you do have another option, take it, as I did. And if you feel you are lost, don’t worry, we are all a little lost in a way. Your heart is your wind. Why would you choose to cycle against it?

Listen to it. It’s inside you. Follow your wind. It will probably blow you to a better place.