♪♫ Oh please, I bet everybody here is fake happy too… ♪♫

This is the last Paramore song released:  

Okay Rakky, what this has to do with our daily life and assignments?

As we study in Digital Media and Society, we are living a trivial time in our history as human beings: more and more we are connected with others through our cell phones, our favourite social media, our friends from far away and our ways to feel connected. We connect, we share, we exist. But what is real and what is not? 

Do you ever have a conversation interrupted because your friend needs to answer another on his or her cell phone? Or experimented the sensation of trying to look at your mobile just to not get bored on a class that you’re lost or on a meeting that you’re not so engaged? More important than that: do you have a feeling that, sometimes, the life of others through their social media is always brighter and happier than yours? Food on Instagram looks taster than on our plates, travelling is something perfect from those posts and nothing wrong ever happen. Why do we need so much to share and to follow? 

The answers could be anywhere. At the same time that we need to show ourselves, obeying our exhibitionism sense, we also need to follow; our voyeurism self is activated there.

This video clip inspires me to think all of that because, as the lyrics also said, everyone has a fake happy face to show. But where’s the truth of ourselves?