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Web Authoring Blog

Some of my reflections on my Web Authoring classes, during a Masters in Applied Digital Media.
Here is possible to get in touch with some of my creative content creation skills, while getting to know a little bit of the world of front-end developers.

A short documentary

Also during my Masters time, I was able to create a short documentary. From the script, the locations and interviews, the shooting process, control of light and audio, editing, pos production and final release of the content, every part of the process was done by myself (with a little help from my friends… ops! Spoiler alert!).

A Podcast about Music Discovery

Another great experience was this fun interview with my friend and inspirational guru Tony Aiex about the evolution of the ways of people to find out new music and the importance of music blogs and websites to help them in that path.

A film poster

During my Visual Communication course, one of our activities was creating a movie theme and a poster to showcase the idea. I took an old picture from one of the gigs that I've covered as a Journalist and, with some imagery manipulation, transformed it on this poster.

A party poster

As a freelance, I had the chance to develop some concepts for different clients. One of those was this poster, for printing and distribution around Dublin city, inviting people for a funk party, featuring Brazilian Music at Wigwam.

A concert poster

Another Assignment done during my Visual Communication course was to create a poster for a music presentation using only colours and typefaces as the way to differentiate concepts in a single image. That's was the result of some research on several topics (such as music during the 70th's and colour hierarchy).