Corporate Communications

Musgrave MarketPlace

2018 Christmas Brochures from Musgrave MarketPlace. I worked with the Marketing Team and its agency, producing content for each brochure. The process included select and approve each product with the trade department, brief and approve images, revise and edit text, proofread and sign off all versions, guaranteeing the quality and the accuracy of the material from the briefing to the printing process.

Saint-Gobain Building Distribution

Those are some issues of "Telhanorte Magazine", content produced to construction buyers, people that we're always on Telhanorte stores searching for the best materials for their houses/offices. I was responsible for all the content creation and process management for the briefing to the printing process of the publication, including briefing photographers and writers, editing, proofreading, approving with the Directors body, finalising, printing and distribute the magazine amongst their 40 stores across the country.