Thank you, Rakky!

Depression is not a nice thing. Nobody likes to talk about depression. It’s not well seeing, it’s not desirable, it’s not fashionable either. Most importantly: depression it’s not a temporary thing like a headache you feel one day, go to sleep a bit earlier and wake up better in the next morning. Depression is a […]

A year at Griffith College – How did that go?

I’ve written a Portuguese version of this article, focused on the Brazilian audience. First things first: I love Griffith College from the bottom of my heart. Is it something super cheesy to say about a college? Yes, but I don’t mind. That’s the truth, and I’ll keep on saying it. I’m not writing this to […]

How to stay vegan after #Veganuary

January is over. All the new year’s resolutions might be gone by this time, or are here, stronger than ever before (if so, congratulations!). But you probably found this content because you are searching for something deeper than only keep a new year’s promise for a month or two. We are talking about a resolution […]

Five things no one told you about being bilingual at the workspace

Portuguese As some of you probably know by this point, I’m Brazilian. I’m also a Social Media Specialist working in Ireland to a great company that allows me not only to do my job but also learn a lot of new things from my colleges, stakeholders, clients and managers. That said, I’m about to share […]

Asking for help is the new black

I know what you’re thinking: you’re proud of your achievements, you’re capable of going to the next phase, you’re smart, self-secure, presentable, you have all the skills, and you’re more than qualified in your area, right? So, why would you need to ask anyone for help? If you’re not following the train of thought above, […]

A love letter to Dublin

People usually ask me why. Why Dublin? Why Ireland? Why do you like this shitty wintering wet city that much? I cannot find one single reason. I have thousands of them. It’s almost three years since I saw Dublin for the first time: it’s was May, a sunny summer, with some low temperatures (to my […]

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