Five things no one told you about being bilingual at the workspace

Portuguese As some of you probably know by this point, I’m Brazilian. I’m also a Social Media Specialist working in Ireland to a great company that allows me not only to do my job but also learn a lot of new things from my colleges, stakeholders, clients and managers. That said, I’m about to share […]

Cinco coisas que ninguém te contou sobre ser bilíngue trabalhando no exterior

English Como vocês sabem, eu sou brasileira. Também trabalho como Especialista em Mídias Sociais na Irlanda, como funcionária de uma empresa muito legal, que me permite não apenas fazer meu trabalho, mas também aprender muitas coisas novas com meus colegas, clientes e gestores. Dito isto, estou prestes a compartilhar algumas coisas com as quais não […]

Asking for help is the new black

I know what you’re thinking: you’re proud of your achievements, you’re capable of going to the next phase, you’re smart, self-secure, presentable, you have all the skills, and you’re more than qualified in your area, right? So, why would you need to ask anyone for help? If you’re not following the train of thought above, […]

A love letter to Dublin

People usually ask me why. Why Dublin? Why Ireland? Why do you like this shitty wintering wet city that much? I cannot find one single reason. I have thousands of them. It’s almost three years since I saw Dublin for the first time: it’s was May, a sunny summer, with some low temperatures (to my […]

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