About Me

I’m the one writing loads of things about music, about history,  about coding, about other people… but when it comes to describing myself, I always get stuck on finding the right words.

As I believe that sometimes is better to ask for “a little help of my friends”, I give them the mission of helping me out here. Below, some of their words:

  • A woman who resolves;

  • A person of initiative;

  • Someone that’s always ready to help whomever it is;

  • Persistent, do not give up on her beliefs;

  • Provides support still;

  • Always prepared to listen;

  • Kind and determined;

  • Focused and intelligent.

As friends are always the one to say good things about you to cheer you up, I also have some professional feedback to share, as you can see below. 


Rakky was a great addition to the BPNIreland! She applied for a volunteer Marketing role and came to the interview already with a project lined out highlighting what she would suggest we should focus on regarding social media, content creation and event management.
She has a lot of ideas and motivation to take plans and execute them in a short time. When she faces a challenge usually engages her colleagues with energy and put all them in the same way with the same vibe. It’s a pleasure for me to join with her in any project.
Pablo Satyro
Marketing and E-Commerce Manager
I can say that Rakky is a multi-purpose professional, hands on and that knows how to work very well on situations of strong pressure. Her partnership provides the development of actions always focusing on results. It was a pleasure to have her on our team and I recommend her.
Renata Ribeiro
Trade Marketing Manager